Add To Your WishlistUser Improved Quirk Router

Add To Your WishlistUser Improved Quirk Router

An improved quirk or grooving router.

Similar to quirk routers by Edward PRESTON with a metal body and wing nut cutter clamp.

The previous owner has shaped and fitted mahogany grips to the underneath of both handles, no doubt to make it more comfortable during prolonged use.

One of the grips also acts as the adjustable fence by loosening the screw and nut, please see images.

Fitted with an unnamed cutter.

Adjustable cutter depth by way of the wing nut and cutter clamp, both the clamp and casting are marked 'XX' and '20' indicating a bespoke fit to this router.

All parts move freely and tighten securely.

No previous owner's stamps.

121/2 inches overall.

An interesting example.