About Us

Old Hand Tools is a UK based supplier of antique, vintage, collectable and user quality old hand tools.

We spend our time searching the UK for quality tools and collectables.  Auctions, fairs, markets and clearance sales are visited regularly as well as tradesmen and their families with items of interest.

An ‘old hand’ is defined as someone who is very experienced and skilled in a particular area of activity.  Many of our items have been used by the old hands of the past and remain relevant to the old hands of today and the future.

There are few trades or professions that have not, or do not, use some form of tool or instrument.  If we can find them and they are of the right quality we will happily offer them on our site.

Our basic rule of thumb is: If it is designed to be used by hand and requires no other power source than that with which we were born, it fits with us.  This rule, however, may occasionally be broken.

We hope you enjoy the site and please remember – there’s no tool like an old tool.

Robert Leach