David Winder Planemaker

David Winder Planemaker

Having met up again at the recent Hand Tool Extravaganza in Lincolnshire I though I should share a few images of planes by Burnley planemaker David Winder.

David Winder Planemaker

David has increased his range over the past few years and has now produced a wide variety of infill planes including small mitres and a 25 1/2 inch dovetailed jointer.

David Winder Planemaker

David likes to use some unusual infills for his planes, many a little more exotic than the ebony and rosewood we are all used to.

The group of planes in the image above include David's...

251/2 inch dovetailed jointer with pink ivory infill

7" mitre plane with Mexican bocote

10" smoother filled with Moroccan thuya burr

Mathieson style 101/2" mitre plane with Indian rosewood infill

11" mitre with pink ivory

thuya burr infill coffin smoother with the thumb screw made from a knight chess piece

small walnut infill mitre plane

massive 4" wide 221/2" long thuya burr panel plane

Many of David's planes have toe and heel protrusions with cupid's bow detail.

David Winder Planemaker

Enjoy the photos.

Robert Leach