MARPLES 2690 Beechwood Adjustable Smoothing Plane - MARPLES Transitional Plane *SOLD*

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A very little used MARPLES 2690 beechwood adjustable smoothing plane, sometimes also referred to as the MARPLES transitional plane.

MARPLES's beechwood bodied plane combined with the adjustments available on the metal bench planes.

The 2690 and the larger 2691 jack planes were only produced for a short period in the 1960s.

This is an early, type 1 example with 'MARPLES' on the top of the front block and near full trade label on the left side.

Fitted with an almost unused black 2 inch MARPLES blade iron and matching silver painted cap iron.

Black painted lever cap, gold painted frog.

Supplied in its original card box with all trade labels plus the 'as selected for THE DESIGN CENTRE' sticker.

All parts move freely and tighten securely.

103/16 inches overall length.

A fine example.

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