Add To Your WishlistRECORD 02 Smoothing Plane *SOLD*

Add To Your WishlistRECORD 02 Smoothing Plane *SOLD*

A rare RECORD 02 small smoothing plane.

The RECORD No.02 planes were only produced for a short period between 1933 and the early 1940s however it is believed that production probably stopped in the late 1930s due to WW2.

Fitted with a flat topped 15/8 inch RECORD best crucible cast tungsten steel blade iron with matching cap iron.  13/8 inches remain below the slot.

Dismantled, cleaned, checked, oiled and reassembled.

The nickel plated lever cap is marked 'RECORD' and retains the majority of its red background finish to the lettered area.

Good rosewood handles with much of their original lacquer finish, near full original trade label on the top of the rear tote.

There are a few small splits at the base of the front knob - please see close-up images

The majority of the original blue finish is intact.

All parts move freely and tighten securely.

Some minor surface scratches, pitting and staining spots. 

73/8 inch sole length.

A very tidy example of a scarce RECORD plane.