Add To Your WishlistSPIERS Inverted Cupids Bow Mitre Plane *SOLD*

Add To Your WishlistSPIERS Inverted Cupids Bow Mitre Plane *SOLD*

A very scarce antique dovetailed mitre plane by Stewart SPIERS of Ayr.

This mitre plane has the rare inverted cupid's bow bridge marked with the upside down 'SPIERS AYR' trade mark.

Other known examples are marked 'SPEIR', 'SPEIR AYR', 'G RUTHERFORD' and 'RUTHERFORD AYR'.

Martin Shepherd (of has put together some interesting information on the history of Stewart SPIERS and his plane making business with a section about the inverted cupid's bow mitre planes, well worth a read - Stewart Spiers Mitre Planes

This example has rosewood front infill and scroll topped wedge with matching cupid's bow detail.

Fitted with a 21/4 inch MARPLES parallel uncut blade iron.

Tongue and groove joint at the mouth, please see close-up images.

There is removeable handle to the left side, probably a previous owner's addition but has clearly been with this mitre plane for a very long time.

The sole measures 109/16 inches in length, including the 19/16" toe extension, by 23/4" wide.

Previous owner's marks 'J.POPLE' and 'J.BOUTIER'.

A fine example of a very rare plane.

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